Managed Services Business Continuity

When a disaster strikes, will you be ready?

Backups alone are not enough

System backups are essential and every business needs them - without question; but what happens from the time a failure or disaster occurs to when the systems are restored and available for use?

Every business today is reliant on the systems that drive their productivity – from order processing to responding to client emails. Frankly, business just doesn’t run without them. That is why you need continuity in the systems that you rely on to operate your business.

eIRONclad has developed the strategies, built the cloud infrastructure, and created the key partnerships that give us the ability to implement solutions that assure the continuity of your critical business systems.


eIRONclad offers disaster recovery and business continuity planning services including implementation and the ongoing testing necessary to keep you protected.

How long can your company wait?

What is your company’s tolerance to an outage? Could you be without email or a primary system for an hour? 4 hours? How about 1 day? 2 days? How much data can you afford to lose?

Having a continuity plan and the associated systems in place ensures that from the time a disruptive event occurs to the moment the systems are back online is as short a time period as possible with the least amount of data loss.

We’ve helped companies just like yours protect single servers to entire datacenters.

We will help you:

  • Define what systems & applications need to be protected
  • Collect & organize information
  • Define your RPO - Recovery Point Objective
  • Define your RTO - Recovery Time Objective
  • Devise & implement a plan to meet those objectives
  • Determine how and where your workforce will access resources
  • Test and execute your BCDR plan

Building a better network starts with making contact.

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