IT Services Virtualization

Your one server, one application days are over

Real life solutions for a virtual world

Building a reliable and efficient IT platform for your business requires virtualization.

Virtualization helps you do more with less by consolidating your systems into fewer physical machines. This helps lower costs, increase performance, and improve reliability while reducing risks. Virtual systems are the basic building blocks of the cloud and are one of the key components you need when evolving your organization to the next generation of IT.


eIRONclad helps you design, setup, or manage your virtual environments. We also optimize and troubleshoot existing ones.

What we offer

We offer a comprehensive suite of virtualization and supporting services based on solutions from industry leaders like VMWare, Microsoft, and Citrix. Whether you need to create, grow or optimize your virtual environment, you will benefit from the experience our team has to offer your business.

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Server Consolidation - ESXI, Hyper-V, XenServer
  • Optimization & Troubleshooting
  • High Availability & Failover
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Site Resilience & Business Continuity
  • Virtual Desktops - VDI
  • Storage Networks - SAN

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