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We take the guess work out of your new phone system

Simplfy with Unified Communications

If you are considering a new phone system, a unified IP based system should be at the top of your list. Voice over IP (VOIP) phone systems give your business the flexibility that traditional PBX phone systems just can’t offer.

We work with a variety of manufactures as well as open source telephony platforms and have years of experience migrating legacy systems. .

Our cost-effective integrated communications solutions help you better communicate with customers, collaborate with employees, and increase productivity.


We help companies select the right phone system and we install it for them. We also help troubleshoot, move, and reconfigure existing systems.

Cloud hosted PBX or on premise?

While a new IP Phone system will simplify communications and reduce cost, careful thought and planning are needed to ensure you make the right selection and your deployment is a success. Whether you are deploying 10 or 1000 handsets, you first need to do an assessment and cost benefit analysis.

Here are just some of the items to consider:

  • Should we get a Hosted PBX solution?
  • Can our network handle VOIP traffic?
  • What about our cabling?
  • Do we have enough Internet bandwidth?
  • Should we use SIP Trunks, PSTN, PRIs or a mix?
  • Do we need to port our lines/
  • Do we have the resources to manage the system?

Building a better network starts with making contact.

We’d love to talk to you about your requirements. There is no obligation, no pushy sales people, and no risk to you. We’ll do a free assessment and give you some ideas of how we can help.