Cloud Cloud Desktops

A complete desktop experience from your office in the cloud

Cloud Desktops from eIRONclad are fully functional, cloud based versions of the desktop you have been using and are already familiar with.

You can use cloud desktops to securely access your documents, programs, and other business applications just like you would if you were sitting at your desk in the office.

Since it’s hosted in the cloud, there is no hardware for you to buy and maintain. This helps you simplify your IT while saving on capital expenses and ongoing maintenance costs.

Cloud Desktops are easy to use, easy to manage, and are the perfect addition to our cloud servers or as a part of your private cloud

Pricing Starts at just:


Per user per month

Key Features

  • Persistent and Non-Persistent Desktops Available
  • Add the applications you need, like MS office, Acrobat, Quickbooks, and more
  • Less Expensive to Manage & Maintain
  • Less Frequent Upgrades. Huge Savings on Hardware!
  • Higher Employee Productivity
  • Simple & Secure Remote Access

  • Easier to Deploy
  • Integrated Security Features.
  • Scalable - Easy to Add or Remove Desktops
  • Access from Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Secure, encrypted access. Always.
  • Perfect for Small and large businesses alike

Need some help selecting the package that’s best for you?

We’d love to talk to you about your requirements. There is no obligation, no pushy sales people, and no risk to you. We’ll do a free assessment and give you some ideas of how we can help.